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Happy Halloween!

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Today is October 21st 2008

Log Entry #35

in search of autumn  

On our trip to Nova Scotia we talked with a young man that worked in a gift shop on the Cabot Trail. When asked his favorite part of the trail he said That he doesn't drive on it because there is nothing there to do but look at scenery

We pledged at that moment to see more of our state and not take any of it for granted.
So we opened the Bat Cave and off we went to explore a little 

of the Catskill Mountains 

 and to search for the colors of Autumn.

We always stop at the waterfalls in Rensselearville. In the foreground you can see the old wooden water pipe line that ran to the mill



In the 1800s Kaaterskill Clove was a must see stop on the American Grand Tour.
It was as famous and familiar to world travelers as Niagara Falls, Yellowstone Park or the Grand Canyon are today. 



Kaaterskill Clove scenic areas inspired America’s greatest 19th-century landscape painters like Thomas Cole who attended the famous Hudson River School

and home the highest Waterfalls in New York State It is not as grand as Niagara Falls but higher.
The Kaaterskill Falls


Also the birth place of the first mountain resort hotels in America. The Catskill Mountain House

The track is long ago been removed but the scar on the mountain still is visible .

The Otis Elevating Railway


The weather was perfect.

 The colors were amazing 

Traveling with Jim is always makes for a wonderful adventure.



Today is October 16th 2008

Log entry #34

 back in time to September 2008

Our first vacation in 23 years

Day #1 Map ( 368 miles)

We point the bikes towards Rte #7 and points east.
Wanting to get some miles behind us we dare not stop or look back until we needed gas in Wilmington VT.

I took NO pictures of the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont or of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is filled with long sweeping turns through the mountains. A great road to travel by bike. Absolutely beautiful.

Interesting point The New Hampshire Highway Department has signs specifically warning Motorcyclists of grooved road sections, gravel filled repairs and other dangers.

 Thank-you for taking the time to get those signs out DOT of New Hampshire.

We crossed into Maine still heading East on Route #9. making only a quick stop for gas & hit the road again.
The weather was beautiful in the mid 60's Our goal was to make our destination of Skowhegan/Canaan KOA still several hours away.

Rte# 9 /Rte #202  just west of Portland in the town of Fosters Corners we stopped for coffee & a bite to eat.



Only to find out they serve ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream

From the parking lot we saw a Dunkin Doughnuts so headed over

To avoid Portland it was time to turn North on Route #4 To Gray where we jumped on the I 95 to Exit #133
Didn’t like the idea of taking the interstate but knew it was necessary. We needed to cover a lot of miles quickly if we were to get to the campground and set up in the day light

Set up went fast, A tent for sleeping and one for our gear.


I was awakened by rustling noises from some little creature wandering around the outside of the tent I figure it was most likely a raccoon or maybe an opossum
I snapped this picture of the moon and went back to sleep

I awoke early and saw this out of the tent window

Day #2 ( 327miles )

From Canaan we traveled on an easterly route via Rte 23E to Rte #2E to route #9E
Not much to talk about the roads were good but rather boring we clicked off about 190 of them when we stopped for gas and lunch .A neat little place in the middle of nowhere called the Airline Snack Bar.
We ordered hot dogs. I did not Photoshop them they were really red. Yes they scared me a first ,but they did taste like a hot dog and were quite popular with the people in this little place.
Coffee was excellent

While we were waiting for lunch a couple of sport bikes pulled in and got talking to Jim about the bike not his but mine. They couldn’t believe I was riding a 250cc machine ( 29 Horse ) all that distance.
This would happen many times over the next week of travel

Crossing the border on Rte #1 in Calais, we entered New Brunswick.
The Custom Officer was very nice and directed us to our route.

As we rode through New Brunswick we found most of the drivers to be very polite
Everyone stays in the right hand lane except to pass
Amazing how well the traffic moves when that simple rule is obeyed.

Crossed the bridge in Saint John and ended up in the wrong lane
We did not have the exact 50cent fare Major OOPs and no turning back.

What to do? Just as we are about to panic a worker comes over and made change for us out of his pocket .Can you imagine that happening on the thruway?

We continued our trek north. The first time I saw 110kph sign I laughed and using my com. said “Jim just remember that is NOT miles per hour”

Traveled through road construction, grooved highways, loose gravel, and pot holes big enough that my bike could disappear in & crossed over a few steel plates loosely covering who knows what.

There were 100’s of miles of work being done. Up and down huge rolling hills I could see miles in the distance. Not that there was much to see other than more rolling hills and highway.

We jumped off of Rte #1 for gas at the Hynes Esso in Penobsquis
Made it to City Campground in Moncton, New Brunswick It is located minutes to Rte #1.

SIDE NOTE: After talking with the manager I would not recommend this place summer time for bike touring. It sounded like they cater mostly to families with children and it would tend to be noisy.
The tent spaces are VERY close together . No campfires without renting fire ring for $9 per night

On the up side Look it was a Gated community

Yes that is our tent you see What you can not see is all along the perimeter are huge campers

"No one tents this time of year" everyone that walked by our site kept telling us.

We had just finished setting up when a bike rolls in and starts to set up.
It was a couple from Australia on a major adventure they called the 600 Day Weekend by D & S
We gabbed until it was dark. He had lots of interesting stories to tell.

They had just come across the US from Prudhoe Bay D told us about a couple from Alaska they almost came to stay with but it didn’t come together. (Yes that couple would be friends of ours ) Small world isn’t it?

They were on their way to Nova Scotia in the morning but did not know anything about the Cabot Trail or the Cape Breton Highland National Park. Darrel said it sounded like something they would check out

We slept well but when I awoke I hear the sound of rain It was a cold & dismal morning.

We made coffee and debated what to do.
With no heated gear we decided it would be best to wait for the rain to stop. D & S headed out. D had heated gear and S was driving a van. No wet tent to pack up. They would be fine.

We exchanged email addresses snapped a few photos and invited them to stay with us when they come through on their way to Florida.

The rain did not stop until 2PM much too late to break down so we stayed put

Day #3 ( 125miles)

The sun came out and we went for a ride
JT wanted to buy a knitted hat, a fleece jacket & a few other things he didn’t pack
We scored at Mark’s Work Wear House. Everything he needed was even on sale

Back at the campsite I start dinner while Jim enjoys a cup of coffee

Staying in Moncton turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE. A HUGE ERROR on our part.

The sun set through the trees behind our tent

I was so very cold I got up and headed to the rest room figuring it would be warmer but the windows were open and it was just as cold if not colder in there. As I walked across the grass I could hear it crunch under my feet

When I returned to the tent JT gave me his knitted hat which helped keep some heat in. but not enough to allow me to get more than about an hour’s worth of sleep for the whole night

When the sun came up this is what we saw

We booted up the computer in the morning and saw why we were so cold. It had dropped to -1 C ( we quickly converted that number and discovered it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit YIKES
That is really cold

Then if we were not feeling cold enough they said with wind it felt like -2 degree Celsius = 28.4 degree Fahrenheit

A few miles north of where we were camped  had gotten 5 inches of snow..... Yikes

Day #4 ( 173 miles )

Welcome to Nova Scotia the sign read...Hurray we were out of New Brunswick. Crossing the Chignecto Bay

The landscape change was radical. It was wonderful to see such a change in scenery. The temperatures would continue to rise. It was a beautiful sunny day in the high 60’s

We saw lots of kettles boiling advertising fresh steamed lobster & or steamed clams. Snack shops advertising the best Lobster rolls in town (Funny thing is they all said that)

It was too early to stop for lunch so we bypassed all of them and kept moving,

Jim's right hand mirror was broken before we left but now the electrical tape holding it in position at the high speeds wasn’t keeping it in place.
He needed a new one so we stopped at the first cycle shop we came to A Kawasaki dealership called Roy Duguay Sales LTD. In Amherst He set Jim up with a new mirror.

As we were leaving we got talking to a woman who rode in on a 24 year old Suzuki She was thinking about maybe getting a new bike...Sorry I didn't get a better picture It was in beautiful condition

We chose to use Rte #6 it kept us off the main road Hurray ..... we really like side roads.
It was beautiful. Lots of farms & small fishing villages skirted the coast. It combined rolling hills with a few twisties for good measure.

At the Palmerston Cemetery we pulled over here to set a new waypoint on the GPS

At New Glasgow we decided it was time to kick it up a notch. That meant getting onto Hwy #10 to Port Hastings. It is the first town on Cape Breton where we opted to get off the highway and take route # 19 up the coast.

Since I was going on under an hour of sleep and Jim not much  more than that we decided to get it would be best to get a room for the night.
At that moment we realized how hungry we were getting. The reason was that we hadn’t eaten since 5PM the night before and it was going on 6PM Atlantic time

In Port Hood  we  pulled into the Manitou Restaurant & Bakery at 123 Main Street.

Looking around we noticed no seats near a window looking towards the parking lot.

The Waitress assured us with only 714 people in town she knew every one of them our bikes & gear were quite safe.
We each order the special of the day” Baked Haddock” It came with a cup of soup, homemade biscuits and a tossed salad

And look what we had for dessert

As you can imagine we ate way too much and was now getting really sleepy.

Bonnie (Our Waitress) recommended The Hebridean Motel.
The place was WARM clean & comfortable $93.79

After we unloaded the bikes then JT ran to the co-cop for a bottle of wine

Looking out the door to our room this was the last thing we saw before we went to bed

Day #5 (145 miles)

Since dinner was so good and we were in no hurry we decided to try the Manitou for breakfast. Our waitress from the night before was there only this time she was enjoying breakfast with her family

The woman that checked us in to the Motel was also having breakfast. She came to the table to say good morning, ask us how our room was & thought we might enjoy a scenic side trip on our way north. She suggested Rte 219 from Dunvegan to Margaree Harbour
It would keep us in view of the ocean and loop us right back onto Rte #19 T a few miles down the road. We thanked her and decided that it was something we would definitely do.

Erica came to the table for our order. We went with the house specialty We ordered the specialty in many places

A Manitou Burger consisting of a Fried Egg with a slice of baked ham, a slice of bacon with melted cheese on a fresh baked roll it was yummy. The home fries were deep fried. Coffee was excellent

On a whim we pulled into The Whale Cove Cemetery. No locks no gates Just a sign asking you to not camp overnight and to please keep the place litter free

Our first ride on a questionable dirt road with all our gear. I was a bit nervous, but the bike responded well and up the steep hill on loose dirt and stone we went. It was so worth it What a view.

As we pushed north we were seeing more bikes groups of 10 or more would come up behind us. We let them go by when ever there was room. Nova Scotia is very bike friendly

As we enter the fairly large town of Cheticamp we are very impressed with the number of bikes lining the streets. JT hits the com and says” Wow if this is the number of bikes off season can you imagine what it is like during the summer months” We were very impressed

We start to notice that not one of these bikes has any gear tied on.

We round a corner and start up a small hill and off to the right JT says “Did you see all of the bikes in that parking lot
No exaggeration there had to have been over 400 of them

There must be a bike show going on I thought
Arriving at the ranger’s station to buy our pass, a 24 hour pass came to $15.60 for both of us

The Ranger tells us that in about ˝ hour we will have an excess of 750 motorbikes coming up behind us.
It was the annual Ride 4 the cure
click on RIDE 4 THE CURE to see the video

Record number of bikers won’t go hungry during annual Ride 4 The Cure
The Cape Breton Post
Question: How do you feed approximately 600 hungry bikers?
Answer: With a great deal of advance planning and a lot of volunteers
On Saturday, Sept. 20, the fifth annual Ride 4 the Cure will set out for a one-day motorcycle tour around our Cabot Trail. With Gord MacDonald supervising the whole affair, the owner of Gord’s Sport Centre in Sydney will certainly have his hands full.

The ride will undoubtedly set a record as the largest group of motorized vehicles to navigate our world-famous highway at any one time. It will also mark the completion of a long period of planning and preparation, dating back to shortly after last Christmas

For the first four years all funds raised went to the ‘CIBC Run for the Cure’, a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This year pledge funds may also be specified for the Cancer Centre at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.)
The rally will actually get underway on Friday, Sept. 19, at the splendid Membertou Trade and Convention Centre. Registration for participants will be followed by a social evening and a chance to meet and greet fellow bikers from all over Atlantic Canada. The party, however, will not go on into the early morning hours, as everyone will want to retire early, in anticipation of an early morning start to the next day’s tour. But, how will you feed them all? This is how it was handled last September
participants started with a hot breakfast at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre. It was not an easy task, however, as Gord and his fellow organizers, based on advanced registration, had expected less than 400 to show up. Imagine their collective surprise when the final count approached the 500 mark. However, the volunteers at Membertou and the other venues were more than up to the task and no one started the day hungry

I should mention that the 500 bikes that took part last year did not all head out together down the Sydney by-pass. Rather, they were broken up into much smaller groups and their start times were staggered. This also meant the various venues would not have to deal with a massive amount of motorcycles at any one time.
Their first rest stop was at the Inverary Inn in Baddeck, where the staff and community volunteers offered light snacks and other refreshments. Then it was off to Cheticamp, and the All Aboard Restaurant, which like the other venues along the way was marked by pink balloons. Restaurants sporting such banners were indicating they were making donations to the Ride 4 The Cure

The next stop after Cheticamp was Ski Cape Smokey, tucked away at the foot of this massive mountain. Here the local volunteers had prepared a delightful barbeque. Then, in the early evening, as the tired riders and their passengers returned to Membertou, they found another healthy barbeque waiting for them. Is it any wonder that up to 600 motorcycles are expected to participate this year.

So, a tip of the hat and congratulations to Gord MacDonald and his many sponsors and volunteers. You have taken a noble cause, combined it with a superb organization and reduced a very complex undertaking to a fun-filled day of motorcycles on the Cabot Trail

We thought about just camping at the base for the night but then she told us many of them had reservations already
Since we don’t like crowds we decided we would camp up the trail.

We stopped at the pull offs to snap pictures of the breathtaking vistas and in no time the riders started to catch up

Well it was a little white knuckled for me some of the ride I never liked riding in groups I was always one to say I'll meet you there rather than ride with a pack.

Many of the great vista pull offs were so packed we had to pass them up. When we did get a chance to stop some of the riders came right over and started up conversation with us. Everyone was very friendly

We accepted the idea that our ride was going to be more crowded than any given day during the normal season and that every rider was there to support a good cause. My sister is a 5 year Survivor

Every make and model bike took part in this run. Amazing turn out I applaud you all.

It started to become annoying because we were missing out on the reason we made the trip so we got off the Trail and headed towards Meat Cove

The road there was nice and we got a chance to enjoy the ride. The final 8 miles to Meat Cove was sand
It was starting to get late and we needed to find a campsite before dark.

Passed little churches like this one along the way. They all seemed to have no windows in the front & always 3 windows on the side

Saw a sign for the Hideaway Campground and Oyster Market in South Harbour and pulled in.
We thought about staying in one of their cabins but of the ones available they were all too far away from the rest rooms, no electricity or WIFI

Surprise This one is called “The light house” It is facing North towards the ocean

Walking around the cliff area we saw eagles on the hunt. It was moving to see such grace in motion.

We were too far away for any good pictures, but I was very happy I remembered to pack the binoculars.

Looking North from the Lighthouse Cabin

On our way back to our tents we met a couple from Alaska. They were curious if we were part of the group of bikes they had seen all day long. (They were afraid that it might be a rowdy campsite that night we just smiled and assured them we were looking for quiet also.
They were also shocked at how bad the mosquitoes were, by mid September they were gone for the year back home.

They also mentioned seeing a Black bear and her cub back down the trail earlier We didn't see any big 4 legged critters. Although we did see a chipmunk run across the road.

We gabbed long enough that now the sun was setting. Worked out great another photo op Sunset.

Day 6 (376 miles)

Early the next morning we quickly packed up and hit the trail

It was a Sunday Morning
I Love riding on Sunday mornings.
We would cover 376 miles Our longest distance in a day

Even with my Alaska Butt Pad. My butt was really was sore at the end of the day. It would be the only day I truly was shifting around in my seat & standing up when possible to relieve my discomfort I did not care what people thought
You have to remember I am doing this trip on a stock seat.

Our First Stop had a walking trail out to the point

The sun had not completely burned the morning haze off.

Saw this sign and figure they are very serious about the lobster business.

The next overlook was a long way down.

This pull off had a small group of 15 from Sydney parked when we wheeled in.
No pictures Sometimes my mouth engages and my brain disengages

One of the women in the group just took her test and was looking for her first bike .She was very excited about getting off the back of her bf's bike.
Another one liked the safety of riding pillion with her husband, especially on such a twisty road
The 3rd one was wearing my jacket She was as happy with it as I am.. We both have the same comment. At times it would be nice to have one a little longer.

They told us they hadn’t been up the Cabot Trail in many years & were enjoying a wonderful morning ride
One woman said “It is too bad that sometimes we forget & take for granted the beauty in our back yard.”
We agreed they had a beautiful backyard

We hung around enjoying the sun and the view as it warmed up and burned off the haze.

a closer look at that mountain.

As we were getting ready to leave a couple of guys on vacation pulled in in their hybrid
We noticed a lot of hybrid cars on this trip
Canadians are much " Greener" in their thinking than most of us Americans.

Besides JT & me the only one in this over look was the guy that picks up the trash


Our only picture of the 2 of us

We talked with him about the event the day before. He said the trash cans were full but that was to be expected The overflow of garbage was placed next to the trash cans. The group was very good about not littering.

He told us that the Membertou Trade and Convention Center had served over 1,500 people breakfast for that ride.
When he told his Grandpa this, Grandpa ( who had had a few ) said That’s a big demand and a lot of eggs from them poor hens

A little further down the trail the sun is a little higher in the sky and looks like it is shaping up to be another glorious day

Heading down the East side "The Highlands" had some serious twisties

In Green Cove we Stopped to snap a few photos.

No vacation would be complete without a few souvenirs so we stopped at the Blue Gull Gift Shop and got a few.

Since no one was in the store but the Kid on the counter we tried to strike up a conversation with him.

I mentioned we had not seen any moose on the trail. He was not surprised He hadn’t seen one in over a week. (the things you take for granted)

I asked him his favorite spot on the trail and he said I quote ”I don’t go on that road…. Nothing to do but look at the scenery”

We left there with our purchases and wondered if we took our area for granted. I guess we do a little, but that is going to change we are heading to the Catskills for a weekend trip before the snow flies

We had to decide what to do. Do we push to get closer to Yarmouth and take the CAT to Bar Harbor ME on Monday (The CAT only runs 2 days a week this time of year out of Yarmouth to Bar Harbor) or go on Tuesday which they were predicting a total washout with rain

Or head east to Loch Lomond to check out property we were very interested in at one time. And cover a few more of the trails
Which would mean to get home we would have to go back through New Brunswick add 2 days to our trip and freeze our butts. And a good chance of getting soaked or snowed on.

We decided on The CAT on Monday
In order to make the CAT on time we headed south quickly. Stopping only for gas or to stretch our legs and an occasionally to take a  picture.

We got to take our first ferry ride once out of ”The Highlands”.

It was on the Englishtown Ferry.
You rode on, stayed on the bike for the short ride across and rode off the other side. Water was calm which made for a smooth crossing. There were a dozen other vehicles on the ferry with us.

JT snaps one of me as I am taking one of the Ferry

Down through the center of Cape Breton passed St. Andrews Channel & the huge Bras d” Or Lake and several scenic trails (we hope to do them another time) the temperature was warming up I think it may have reached the 70's

Pushing on only stopping for gas we fly down the 102 to RTE #14 where we take it out of hyper-drive for awhile.
Another little church across the street from the gas station

Then back on to RTE 101 to Middleton for the night

We find a room at the Best Western in Kingston. Even with our AAA discount it came to $115.74 OUCH

I guess it is because it had a blow dryer in the bathroom and carpet on the sidewalk ??????

Day # 7 (127 miles )

The bikes are packed up and we are ready to hit the road.

Our trip to Yarmouth will be an easy 120 plus miles so we can take our time and take some pictures along the way.

We reach Yarmouth lunchtime and decide to park at the pier but, not one space is open We ask the security guard what we should do He says and I quote "Park in that spot"
JT says but it says 30 minute parking only.
The guard smiles and says "I can't read so well go ahead and park it there that way I can keep an eye on it for you"

We parked the bikes and then approached him again. How about a nice place to eat. He sent us to his favorite place on the pier It was called Rudders. We said Thank you and headed in the direction of the tavern

Lot of interesting buildings

and then we spotted it

Old plank floors and lots of rustic charm. Sorry no pictures of the inside except our lunch

We ordered the special. It included a cup of Chicken Vegetable Soup with a “Captain’s Fish Sandwich” Fried Fresh Haddock with Tartar sauce and a slice of red onion and a side of coleslaw

We walked slowly back and snapped off a few more pictures.

They were closed for the season.

When we returned to the pier The Security Guard said he should of told us to order a beer. They make is some of the best tasting in Yarmouth.

Made a mental note to myself that the next time we are there to check out the beer.

In the distance we can now see the CAT coming


While we are waiting to board We get talking to a few other bikers traveling together A couple from Colorado and another couple from Nebraska and one couple from Maine.

I was nervous riding onto the ship It is like going uphill a steel deck bridge with a sharp right hand curve. thrown in. There were also teeth to avoid in two places where the pier ,the ramp and the ferry come together. And signs everywhere saying “Motorbikes never use front brakes”
I swung it wide trying to cut across the steel decking and made it Not the prettiest sight but I made it.

Once on board we were told the crew would help us tie down NOPE The only help they gave us was
And I quote “ The tie downs are over there”

The straps are rusty and filthy and some are defective. Fortunately I had wet wipes I handed them out to everyone to wash up as we headed upstairs.

JT was always pretty good at securing a load and the other people had already done the crossing once so they were very familiar with how NOT to tie the bike down.

Apparently on their first attempt to cross from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth The water got so rough the Captain had to turn back after about an hour.. Lots of people screaming, projectile vomiting etc.. Not a pleasant site.

In the meantime on the tossing ship down in the parking area one bike wasn’t secured properly and fell over knocking several other bikes down including a bike belonging to one of these riders.
It had gotten scratched up but no serious damage so her trip was not ruined.

Pictures from the CAT

The covered walkway was for the passengers on the tour buses to embark. Yes there big tour buses and Motor homes on board also.

The Captain swings the boat around and head out of the harbor.

This picture does not really tell the story Those rooster tails are over 5 feet This boat sits up and flies across the water.

CAT specs:

This picture does not really tell the story Those rooster tails are over 5 feet This boat sits up and flies across the water.

CAT specs:

Length Overall: 319 ft

Speed: 36 knots @ 750 tonnes deadweight & 40 knots @ 375 tonnes deadweight
* Note – All speeds quoted at 100% MCR (4 x 7080kw @ 1030 rpm) and excluding T-foil.
Maximum Deadweight: 750 tonnes
Passenger Capacity: 900
Vehicle Capacity: 240
Built : 4/2002
Design: Two slender, aluminum hulls connected by a bridging section with center bow structure at fwd end. Each hull is divided into nine vented, watertight compartments divided by transverse bulkheads. Two compartments in each hull prepared as short-range fuel tanks and one as a long-range fuel tank. Welded and glued aluminum construction using longitudinal stiffeners supported by transverse web frames and bulkheads.

Main Engines: 4 x resiliently mounted Ruston 20RK270 or Caterpillar 3618 marine diesel engines, each rates at 7080kw.
Water Jets: 4 x Lips 120E waterjets configured for steering and reverse.
Transmission: 4 x Reintjes gearboxes, with reduction ration suited for optimum jet shaft speed.

It would be a 3 hour ride

We could have dinner, enjoy a cocktail in the lounge, go to the casino or watch a movie. We opted for the New Indiana Jones movie. and to watch people getting their sea legs or not .
Even some of the crew got walking a little sideways as they went by.

Back at the information center in Nova Scotia we decide to make a reservation for a motor lodge in Bar Harbor for the night.

With up to 900 people on the CAT we didn’t want .to try find one at 9PM or later. The woman on the counter was very nice She told us she had the perfect place It is where she stays when in Bar Harbor. The Robbins Motel on Rt#3 www.acadia.net/robbins $42 a night
It is an older Motor Lodge The rooms are very clean, it was very quiet and very comfortable. He reminded us that in the morning he served a great cup of coffee and his Mom would be there to answer any questions we might have. She knew everything about any place you would want to see in Bar Harbor. A fountain of information.

Day # 8 ( 228 miles)

The Robbin's Motor Lodge

Cute little place.
After coffee we were ready to go
It was about 9:30 and the rush hour Ha HA Ha traffic was gone so we headed out RTE #3 towards our morning destination of Arcadia National Park. Cadillac Mountain and lunch at The Jordon’s Pond House. We had not done a bike trip to there since 1977

Our route for this morning was to follow Rt #3
My favorite kind of "High Tech" map

Our first stop as we heading up Cadillac Mt the haze had not quite burned off. When we stopped JT was on a bit of a down hill so he decided to put the Wee Strom into first gear, apparently when the bike rolled forward his side stand was pushed off the lock position and like a series of snap shots in slow motion I watched him and the bike tip over and there was nothing I could do to prevent it or help him lay it down.
I quickly got off my bike and ran up to him He was fine except his for his pride and we quickly hoisted it back up on to the kick stand. Good thing for that old "Adrenalin Rush". His bike was very heavy with all gear on it .

No I didn't snap a picture It wasn't funny until after we had righted the bike

and got it restarted with no problems

Thus photo is taken looking towards Bar Harbor

The drive into the park is uneventful No traffic and we are able to stop at any and all scenic parking areas.
Taking our time I decide to do a panoramic view I set my tripod and ready myself when an Ollie’s Trolley wheels in 40 people jump off take a hundred pictures and they are back on the bus and gone quick in a blink of your eyes. It was funny, almost like a Chinese fire drill I don’t think one of them really appreciated what it was they were snapping pictures of.

This is what we saw "Eagle Lake"

The road snaked its way to the top.
It was fun

The Cranberry Islands

Newer Trail Markers

The old  style trail markers

Life clings to every little crevasse on the mountain. Dwarfing the plants that  you would almost think they were Bonsai 

JT in 2008

JT in 1977

It was starting to get crowded so we head back down the mountain and towards Jordon's Pond

We did NOT stop at the Jordan Pond House

It has become so commercial They were bringing them in by the bus load. Much too crowded for us. We would grab a bite to eat later

Decided not to set a waypoint in the GPS, we would just travel along RTE #1 south along the coast for awhile.

We were hoping to find a snack shop and grab a Lobster roll for lunch. What we did discover is that all restaurants are on the left side of the road when heading south.

We try not to make a left for food or gas.( Not sure why just an old habit)

We were getting very hungry and not one restaurant on the right side of the road so JT decides to make a very quick left into the "Rockport Diner" I miss the turn and have to turn around and come back OOPS

The Soup of the day was Corn Chowder It was delicious

After our lunch we continued south on RTE #1 to Yarmouth

and to crossed this amazing bridge

It was built to replace this one

North to Gray to catch RTE #4W
.Avoiding Portland we traveled .South to RTE# 25 which we took right into New Hampshire at this point we checked on the Garmin for a place to stay and headed towards it.

It would be the "Saco River Motor Lodge" on RTE # 302 in Center Conway New Hampshire. Owned and operated by Linda and Gordon

Linda was originally from Wales and an avid gardener It showed everything looked beautiful. Nice folks quiet, clean rooms hot showers and comfortable beds. What more can you ask for
Bonus it had a refrigerator and microwave in the room Time to buy a few beers

After we unloaded the bikes we headed about a mile back down the road to a gas station we had passed on our way We wanted something to hold us over for the night and a few ice cold beers. for me

We lucked out there was a "Subway" inside the place so we each ordered a Turkey with Swiss Cheese wrap and I got my first Amstel Light beer since we started the trip

Day #9 ( 272 miles )

Woke up and the checked the weather for MT Washington.

The high for the day would be 40 degrees The winds were already at 27 MPH so we decided not to chance it only to find out it was too windy & or to cold to ride to the top.

Suitcase stand with my stuff

We will definitely come back for a weekend to not only see MT Washington but explore more of the high peaks of the White Mountains and take a look at the Flume Gorge.

Looking at the map and thought we would head toward home and maybe hit the Adirondack Mountains for a day or so.

We stopped for lunch at the Dishn' It out Diner The locals have a lot of fun with the waitress and cook. They dish it out as well as take it.

For lunch We ordered of course the Special
It was a simple Turkey With Swiss wrap & a Great cup of coffee

Crossing into Vermont No way could we not stop here & snap off a few

Looking up stream we saw this.

A little further on Rt #4 We came into the town of Quechee .
All the signs in the village looked like this

and look we got to go through another covered bridge

They even had small cut outs in the wall of the bridge for children to be able to see

Looking up stream on this bridge was quite interesting.

A restaurant hanging out over the dam

The falls was so mesmerizing I took a few more pictures


We stopped for one last photo op on Rt #4 in Vermont

It would be our last stop for pictures on our trip.
From here we rode on Vermont's Rte #4 to Queensbury NY. At that point we decided to head south instead of extending our trip, so we hopped on to the Northway, kicked it into hyper-drive and headed for home.

Total of 2,081 (s) miles in 9 days.

Today is July 23rd

Log entry #33

After a long day of installing  Mashatti  husband's office last week (in 94 degree humid weather) We were exhausted.

 Her sister Mana generously offered us a couple of  Shish Kebobs she was preparing.

The few times we have been to their home taking measurements for different projects Mana is always in the throws of making some dish  that smells yummy.

 .Wednesday was no different. She was preparing food for the celebration of the  Birth of Imam Ali.

we were  delighted & very grateful for her offer. We  took them home to grill for dinner.

 I served them with rice. we both agreed that they were wonderful. Thank you Mana

 in Iran they use a flat skewer ( not unlike the swords that desert travelers would have used when on the road many years ago..

The chelo shish is the national dish of Iran it is  the equivalent of steak and potatoes here  in the United States. It is served everywhere, from palaces to roadside stands.



In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Combine well with your hands. Mixing with your hands allow the mixture to be combined better.

Take about 1/4 meat mixture and make into a ball. Place ball through flat skewers, and shape into square cigar-like shapes. Repeat with remaining meat.

Place on grill and cook about 4-6 minutes each side, until meat is no longer pink and done.

They can be serve over a bed of rice or slipped off the shish into a pita 
or serve with a salad, like a  tabbouleh or fattoush 





Today is June 1st

Log entry #32

. we were shocked by the price of oil. My neighbor paid the other day. it was $4.39 gallon.. We can not afford to heat both buildings at that price and as of now I can not even lock in for the coming season So We decided to take our oil monies and buy a wood splitter ,and wood burning units. to heat our home and the woodshop   

We will need to purchase some oil for our hot water

 about 8 cord will carry us through this coming heating season .So every chance we get we grab a tree or two from our forest, spit and stack it so it can be drying 

We have 4 cord in as of today.




Today is May 26th

Log Entry #31

Memorial Day Weekend we took a 1/2 off and went to my sister Kim's home for a bar B que. 

This is  Christina & my great nephew Matthew. Kim dragged out the old rocking horse we had as kids

 Matthew is still a little young to ride it by himself but  with  some help from his Mom he enjoyed it


My Niece Tara Always the ham



At the end of the day We sat around the fire pit and enjoyed  coffee and raspberry pie


it was relaxing afternoon and so good to visit with everyone.


Today is April 28th

Log Entry #30


It has been a whirlwind around here  with trying to catch up on projects and maintain some sort of life outside of work.. 

I can officially say We are finally up to date with our projects and are finishing up a few of our own.

 I am so lucky to have a husband that can, will and did  build me my dream kitchen. It is great!

 Still have  a few loose ends to do but I have a wonderful working kitchen again 

There is an Oak Cap to install on the half wall. Base board is primed and sanded ready for top coat in the shop  &  I still have to finish up painting the rest of the wall and the windows



Today is January 9th

log entry #29

It has been a long 2 months. Jim's Mom passed away on Christmas Day after complications from a surgery she underwent earlier in the month.



We can only hope to be as active & productive as she was at 82.. She always worked hard but made time to enjoy life, We miss her very much and our Thursday night dinners.


I know you all must have enjoyed our January Thaw  Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th. It was the first breath we have taken since early December,

We are behind schedule in the shop but just really felt we owed it to ourselves to enjoy at least one of  these days so we closed up the shop noon time Tuesday and headed out on the bikes for a 100 mile trip in search of evidence of our January thaw


We enjoyed our afternoon very much. We feel regenerated, relaxed. and ready to attack our work schedule with  a Big smile..