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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, 

and to the Republic for which it stands, 

one Nation under God, 

indivisible, with liberty and justice for all



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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, 

and to the Republic for which it stands, 

one Nation under God, 

indivisible, with liberty and justice for all



Today is November 13th

The BAllad of EAsy Rider by the byrds



The first time I looked it was 22 degrees But the motogods were going to give me a great birthday of sun, blue skies and temperatures of mid 60's

First stop was in BreAkabean to close up my vents.  

The Schoharie Creek 

We would be chasing it upstream like a couple of salmon

 the Mine Kill falls overlook

Leaving the overlook we continued south crossing over the creek at the tip of the Schoharie Reservoir.

heading NE on Prattsville Road and into deep into the Catskill Mountains.

 Unfortunately the places I would have like to snap a few pictures were to dangerous.
To reach my camera I have to get off the bike..

DRAT It's times like this I really miss my Rapid Transit tank bag. 

Picture beautiful mountains, big drops down to a raging stream and a dusting of snow covered woods.

. The next 30 miles of our journey would be helmet time

These barely 2 lane roads were quite picturesque.

Some with breath taking vistas and other spots a ribbon of curves carving up and down through a mountain gorge.

Breaking out of the forest we came out within view of one of our favorite roads.

A quick 1/4 mile run on State Rt #145 and back onto a town road again. I feel like a Rum Runner dodging the law and sticking to the back roads.

Hauverville Road is shady all year..

The creek traverses under this road a dozen times as it weaves it way down the mountain. Today were heading up the mountain and there was heavy frost/snow/ice on all the little bridges. .

Then on to Myosotis Lake and back into the sun to warm up.

We walked along a trail next to the lake..

Bittersweet Vine

We enjoyed our walk but the now it was time to get moving again since the sun was getting low in the sky and the nip in the November air was returning.

 We would stop to fill up our tanks before we head home thinking this could be our last ride of the year.

As I am walking up the path to the kitchen I see this. The sun is below us now but still shinning down in the ravine

For dinner I made a shrimp and pineapple pizza and our Friend Victor showed up with a huge Chocolate cookie for dessert.

I couldn't ask for a better day.

Today is November 1st

This years  the theme was :

Space the final frontier.

My neighbor  was not feeling well so I did the run alone.. I told everyone she was riding with me as Space ghost. because for some reason they didn't believe me when I said she was abducted by aliens,

i baked an Apple pie to bring to Richie "Da Mayor"'s Home. for the evenings festivities

My interruption of the theme


My first stop was to visit a family friend rehabilitating at the nursing home.

 It brought a big smile to her face which was my goal.


Dressed in many layers I was comfortable for the evenings activities The temperatures would dip into the 30's later on.

 As Jim snapped this picture I was off to visit the neighborhood

and as you can tell He has my camera. So no pictures of the neighbors this year.

Tara and Scott have a son about 6 months old.

 he was dressed in a glow in the dark skeleton costume It was adorable.



Happy Halloween 



Today is October 27th

We decided the best bet was to head west towards Cooperstown for our ride today.

By the time we had geared up and finished the check of the bikes It had slowed to a drizzle with the promise of blue skies later on.

All the little seasonal feeder creeks we passed were full. 

this is the Hyde Hall Bridge built in 1825 and it is The oldest covered bridge in New York State.


Ostego Lake (Looking south)

The rain had stopped completely and the Blue sky started to peek through as the temperatures started to rise.

At  Glimmerlake STate Park The Ranger told us they offer year round camping  and cross country ski trails. 


 it turned into a beautiful day with the temperatures reaching the high 60's


Today is October 17th

Our schedule has slowed to a normal pace Just in time for The storm that brought us the much needed rain.

October 1st Lincoln Pond.

 Lincoln Pond on the weekend of October 8th-10th.

 Jim and I enjoyed a 3 day weekend on the bikes.. We were blessed with sunny days and cool crisp Autumn air.

 A perfect combination for riding. and exploring.

Arriving at the Burtonville bridge we were  expecting to see  this..( taken Oct 2009}

This is what we saw instead.

 The Schoharie creek was still running very high on it's way to merge with the Mohawk River several miles north of this picture.

 Since we were in no hurry we took the time to explore new roads and Found breathtaking  vistas.

Some brought us to beautiful waterfalls





and one eventually lead us to this perfect tree 



Today is August 25th

Looking back on those  68 days straight I thought I would post the projects we completed during that stretch of time.

2 - Mini Media Centers


1 - angled  window seat             

1 pair of Shaker door Family room cases


1-  Raised Panel door Model home cases

1 - 18 ft wall Raised Panel door cases

1 - 18 ft wall Shaker Panel door cases


1 Arched shaker door/drawer Niche


1- Raised Panel door/drawer Computer Desk

1- 12 ft library Wall

1-   5 ft long Oak component Case

What a tremendous couple of months. I would not want to do it very often but it is nice to know we can still kick it up a notch when necessary.


Today is August 14th

Log Entry #48


Jim and I have been very busy in the shop and our schedule has once again kept the bikes parked for far too long.

We had been working 7 days a week since June 6th.

 the bikes were prepped and our direction for the day would be the Adirondacks.


Starting out  my shoulders and neck were very tight I had to twist my entire body to check when lane changing. Stress can do that to me..


Stopped for coffee and a few more Ibuprofen

As we drove through Indian Lake I saw Marty's It is a rustic log cabin style building. and it basically looks the same as it did 40 years ago.

Seeing It brought back fond memories of one week in the summer of 1970.

  after graduation my friend Brenda  and I were given the keys to her parents camp on Adirondack Lake. 

it was the first time in my life I had ever gone anywhere overnight without being chaperoned by a parent

in the evening we would row over to Marty's to play fuzz ball, have dinner, Play the juke box .and enjoyed a few draft Miller High life beers. 

We continued to travel north on Route #30. it is a well maintain road with beautiful creeks. lakes, and bogs on both sides, surrounded by the mountains and long sweeping turns. .


A small pond along the way


This was our view. as we sat on the water's edge. At Tupper lake  .and enjoyed the  lunch  I packed


it was wonderful to see the lake again.

listening to the sound of the waves against the rocks made us both smile. remembering The last time we touched the waters on tupper lake was on the day we were married.

We had planned on visiting the Adirondack Museum in Tupper Lake but the crowds of people enjoying the festivities turned us back.. We will return again in the fall.


On the ride home our route was  #8S to #10S The roads were choppy and in need of repair. Too bad because they are  much more technical than  RT 30 tighter turns and lots of them.

I pulled in to the Canada Lake store  on fumes. The KLR took 6.3 gallons and all this time We only thought it held 6.2 gallons. OOPS.

Our route and stats

Duration: Day trip

Distance: 310 miles

Temp: high 70's - mid 80's

Traffic: Surprisingly light except for the villages which were all having tag sales.


Today is August 9th 2010

Today marks our 25th year of being in business. It will be just another work day for us until we are completely caught up. 

We do have the Champagne chilling.


Today is July 19th 2010

Log Entry #47


We received some sad news this weekend. A dear friend passed away.

 He was the kind of man that was always fun to be around, he never seemed to have a bad day and if you needed help. He would drop everything to lend a hand.

 Back in the early 70's - mid 80's we were together most weekends riding bikes and camping with him and his wife Linda. .

Elwood's sense of humor made even difficult situations laughable..

We had not seen much of him in the past several years.

 We got busy with building our business and made less and less time for visiting..

As the sun comes up on our 43rd day in a row of work.. I wonder if we haven't given up too much of our time working instead of living and nurturing  friendships.

 Elwood Murrell 1944-2010 

R.I.P. my friend



Today is June 6th

Log Entry #46

 We needed a  mental health day something that only twisting the throttle can give us.

 Last night at around 8:;30PM. we finally turned the lights in the shop off .

Confident we had accomplished enough to take a day for ourselves we set out in the morning to relieve the tension of a an overbooked demanding schedule.


This would be our route.

  We stopped at the huyck Preserve and research center in Rensselaerville.

A short walk from the office bought us to this waterfalls

Jim snapped this and as you can see my smile had already returned

across the foot bridge was an old foundation covered with beautiful lush moss and ferns

 the plaque read as follows

We will come back and hike more another day. Today was for riding.

A little further down the road within the preserve we came upon this beautiful dam.


Even though it was a short ride of 186 (S)miles. The moto Gods were good to us today. 

  Leaving both of us feeling renewed and ready to tackle our work load again in the morning..


Today is May 24th

Log Entry #45

 we have once again squeaked through what has been for the last year or so a very difficult time for so many small businesses.

Our calendar is booked with Projects until around the Middle of September

I've only put a little over 6oo miles on on the KLR so far. Funny how work can get in the way of having fun.

 today we would rack up a few more (S) miles.

. Jim & started the day with a measurement followed by a stop to visit my Nephew and his young family where got to meet the newest member

Her name is Leah Elizabeth.

 Leah was born April 7, 2010 


 After a nice visit we were  then off to explore some side roads in Vermont

 We stumbled onto Kelley Strand Road which connects the towns of Arlington to West Wardsboro, traveling along an unpaved forest road there are free campsites among the trees

I wished I had brought my fishing rod  it looks like some good trout fishing along Sparks Brook .surely this pool Hid a trout or two.

We had a wonderful day with perfect riding weather of MID 60's to low 70's. 

Logged 225.7 miles


Today is March 11th

Log entry #44

 I finally found it.

I have been searching since last summer for a Kawasaki KLR. I never dreamed I would find one with most  all the "FArkles" I wanted already installed on the bike

Our intention was to borrow our neighbors hitch but after so many years of it being left on his truck there just was no persuading it to come off.


so we bought our own and rented a trailer from the U-haul.


Our trip to pick  up the bike would take us to Allentown PA 

We had a long day ahead of us so we left before  sun up.

I caught the sunrise looking back out my window

Jim was not very comfortable hauling the trailer He managed but we have decided not to use this method of transporting again.



the previous owner Tom and his girl friend Carla. They are in the early planning stages of a world tour on their new BMW's.

 2001 Kawasaki  KLR set up for touring 

 I am so very happy. The KLR it is exactly what I wanted,

A special Thank you to my husband for making the 10 hour round trip to pick it up.