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Cabinet Shop
Custom Classic Construction, Inc.
Since 1985



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Today is December 18th 2005

1st log entry  

With Christmas a few days away we are busy trying to finish up & deliver several units. Most of them were ordered in plenty of time but each year we seem to get a panic call from a customer that for one reason or another got busy and forgot to call us with their request  to get on our schedule in time for Christmas.

We accepted the challenge again this year. The unit is a 12 ft display case in a custom color that will be suspended from A 10 ft ceiling between the Kitchen & Family Room. it is ready to ship tomorrow

While all of this is going on our Sunroom and Main Bathroom remolding  project is finally ready to paint. It was supposed to be done before Thanksgiving.

We now appreciate the frustration of dealing with contractors. 

 we promise to do what we say, Our thinking may be in the minority in the world of business .but our word will Also continue to set us apart from the rest    MaryAnn

Happy Halloween!