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this page is where we will share our thoughts, new ideas, frustrations and information with you.

 A personal view of us & our business


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November 13th



October 3ist

Happy Halloween!

The theme this year was:

  Walt Disney


Steamboat Willy:

I was prepared with a 4 ft Mickey Mouse 


and a inflatable Ships wheel



With the high winds  I didn't dare use them for my Gator display. I will incorporate them some time in the future.

This years treats were  apple pie from our apples and homemade chocolate mice

We also cut out  Mickey Mouse coasters for everyone with the CNC .


The original crew!

Magic Kingdom



 Minnie Mouse


Along with being very windy even with all the layers I had on under my costume it was biting cold. I called it an early night and I got home just after dark and snapped this picture of our display.


October 17th

Well we already made some changes this morning.

The greenhouse plastic on the north wall blocks the reflective bubble wrap as you can see here so......



Then using a  1' X 2" strip of Redwood we attached the double bubble wrap to the bows  with screws so there is no need to secure the roll up pole. It can simply sit on top.




October 16th

With the threat of a hard killing frost  in the forecast for tonight we decided it was time to cover the low tunnel.

Sorry I forgot so there is no pictures of several of the steps.

#1 we decided to change the ridge pole from being fastened  under the bows to over the top. As it turned out this was not necessary because we changed our minds and did not clip the layers to it but the option is there if we find it necessary.

#2   6 mil greenhouse plastic just barely covers from side to side I think this is going to be fine so that even on those days that I do not roll it up there will be some air exchange. 


#3  We sewed the three- 4 ft wide by 18 1/2 ft pieces together to make the 12 ft wide top blanket out of the double bubble wrap.I used a wide zigzag stitch and a needle meant for denim.
 Jim supported the sewn pieces as I  unrolled and guided the material slowly through the machine. It went rather well considering what we were sewing..

#4 Laid the blanket over the greenhouse plastic and using 1' X 2" strips we screwed the blanket to the raised beds on the north wall.

#6  Attach the pole to use to roll up the south side of the double bubble with duct tape.

OH yeah and the seed I planted on the 11th are germinating:




October 10th

As some of you may remember in 2015 we worked on half of the center bed in the HT to create a 
geothermal area to extend our growing season.

Here is the link to the build:  Center Bed

 We wanted  to make that  5' X 18' area a Low Tunnel within the High Tunnel.

We purchased:
 10 - Schedule 40 Conduit, 1/2" X 10'
    1- 1" X 4' X 8'  Expanded Polystyrene  Foam Board Insulation 
                  foil backed 2 sides

     1 - 10' x 100-ft x 6-mil Clear Plastic Sheeting
     1 -3/16" Insulated Metalized Mylar Double Foil Bubble Wrap, 24" X 125' 

Jim fasten each length of  Conduit to the raised bed boards with screws with a layout out of 24" on center:

Then fastened the ridge to the underside of the bows: 

Next we applied the foam board to the conduit using duct tape:

The last thing we did was raked out the bed relay the drip lines and planted:
Spicy Mesclun
Sweet Mesclun


July 27th
Each Ugli Tomato I pick is bigger than the last

They are meaty and on the sweet side

 I will pick this next time:

I had a mix of lots of Roma, a few Rutgers and Mortgage Lifters along with some Uglis to start another batch of sauce:

Once simmered down I got 5 pints and one 1/2 pint.

Meantime I roasted some Anaheim Peppers I made Chili Rellanos with the roasted peppers using my friend Colleen family recipe.

Out in the HT some stuff is flourishing and others are struggling with our unseasonably cool weather and lack of sunshine.


Habanadas: At the lime green turning to yellow stage They will continue to change until they reach a bright orange color of "FULL" flavor without the heat

Sweet Peppers: California Wonder 

Sweet Orange Yummy

Rhubarb Chard:


Potatoes are still growing:

Little Bumble Bee is hunkered down and staying warm.

Outside the HT our first year Raspberry bush produced enough for a garnish 




July 7th

I just realized today is 07/.07/17 

I wanted to update some pictures of the Greenhouse :

Beets are doing very well.

English Cucumbers are being picked daily

 California Wonder Red Peppers 


Red Cabbage:

Megaton Cabbage:

Early Thunder Cabbage:

White Eggplant:

Rutgers Tomatoes

Roma Tomatoes:


Ugli Tomatoes: This is the first time I have ever grown this variety and they are huge a few of them are starting to blush but most are still growing in size,





July 2nd

Here is one of our little resident Wrens in the Green House. The other one was hollering at me from the trusses.
We heard chirping on June 26th so the babies have hatched out.

And a visitor neither Jim nor I have ever seen before;
They are native to New York but our first sighting.

It is a Northern Ring-neck (Diadophis punctatus edwardsii) : They only grow to be 12" - 15" long.

 This was an adult.

I am glad I didn't mess with it. I understand although they are not venomous they do have fangs and a toxin that can cause painful swelling. I will have to be a bit more careful while weeding.


Although snakes are not something I run from, finding a snake coiled, hissing and shaking its tail in the bathroom was a bit much. It disappeared before I could grab my camera and snap a picture. I guess it was a surprised as I was.

Jim searched and eventually found it in the garage traveling along the electrical wires near the ceiling.

It apparently climbed into the bathroom via the hole for the pedestal sink water lines.

It was another native we have never seen on the property:

 Milk Snake (Lampropetlis triangulum) a non venomous carnivorous constrictor 

NOT my photo but this is what it looked like. It was maybe 12" long. They do grow to be 5 ft long.



June 19th

Hanging out with  Luna

We nicknamed  him "Birdboy" when we discovered if you threw a blanket over him and came back 6 hours later he was still underneath it and sound asleep. 

He didn't like to share his catnip so this was a perfect way to insure his sister did not get any.


 I had just removed the towels from the dryer and he jumped in. 

He  always liked being toasty and finding the dryer door open was a home run.



Aug 1999 - June 19, 2017


We buried him  this morning with his best friend Ginger.


When Ginger passed away we had her cremated . 

I kept her ashes  to bury  when the time came with her best friend Jax

So today we also have closure and  laid our Ginger to rest also


1985- 2002



May 29th


This is a great video narrated by President Ronald Reagan . It will humble you down to your toes.

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE | A Soldier's Pledge



This is my Paternal Great Uncle Robert ( My father's namesake)
This pictures was taken just before he was shipped out.

Robert died in World War I November 11th,1919 on the last day of the war a day that would later  become to be known as "Armistice Day "  . He was buried in Meuse-Argonne France .

Poppy told us the story many times: The quick version is:

 Your Great Uncle Robert (my brother) and small group of soldiers had built a fire to warm themselves and cook their dinner. Robert and 8 other men closest to the fire died when a failed munitions that was buried by debris and  completely out of sight under the spot they choose for the fire pit suddenly exploded.
While I was still in Europe also in the Army Your Grandma continually wrote  letters and her Irish determination and persistence would not take no for an answer was finally allowed to made the arrangements and at our expense  Robert  was exhumed and shipped home where he was laid to rest in the family plot. 


               RIP Uncle Robert






May 26th

Hilled the potatoes in the rain. Something people that grow outside could not do today.

We cut another 4 pounds of broccoli crowns today but only 3 of them will make it to the freezer. I other will be on the menu for tonight.


I have tried and failed several time to grow cauliflower. I get the plant to grow but they never made a nice head.

 I didn't even attempt it last year but since we eat a lot of it I figured I had to try one more time.

Introducing our first edible head "EVER" of CAULIFLOWER

As you can see it weighed in at just over a pound.

May 19th

Processed 4 lbs of Broccoli for the freezer keeping another pound out for dinner.

Also pulled a few beets for our salad.


May 12th


The Girls:  Penny (aka Jigs) and Red do their daily free range walk about.

The north wall



They look like green roses.


The first of the beets are almost ready:



And saving the best for last. We have baby tomatoes:



April 30th

Overall View of the West end of the center bed:

My Little helper Ruby in the background


While her Brother Jasper hangs out by the pond and one of his favorite sticks:


Anaheim Peppers:

Seeds are courtesy of our Friend Steve G.

 The front 2 are Japanese Seedless

Seeds are courtesy of CaptanHarry 

The  2 in the background are Persian seedless  

Seeds are courtesy of our friend Steve G.


Seed was courtesy of CaptanHarry

Straight Eight Cucumbers:

Tasty Bites





 I just couldn't resist posting this photo.

 The transplants have made a perfect transition to the garden.


Outside the Periwinkle is in bloom

Along with Primrose


April 23nd



Cabbage and Cauliflower:


Mesclun Mix:

Lacinato kale: (A big thanks to Mario and Colleen G. for bringing this Kale to our attention)




Our first spinach of the season:

April 6th:

We ordered  from Stark Bro's Nursery  One tree we ordered The Big Blue Plum was out of stock.

With the pond project still underway and since we didn't want to wait another couple of years to to this we will be  container growing everything . At least for the first few years. If they prosper in the 25 gallon buckets we may just keep them in the buckets. 

 In this box we found our new orchard.

It includes:


Pink Lady 
Granny Smith 


Bartlett Pear Standard 
Starking Delicious


Starkrimson Sweet Cherry 
Starling Hardy Giant Antique Sweet Cherry 


Big Blue Plum (SOLD OUT) 
Stanley Prune-Plum 


Fingerlakes Super Hardy


 2... Joan J Primocane  Thornless Red ( set of 3)

While we let the trees soak up some water we started to mix the first batch of potting soil using Vermiculite, Peat moss, Composted Alpaca manure, organic fertilizer, sand and garden lime. 

Jim drilled 5 holes in the bottom of each pot.
We placed circles cut from screening on the bottom followed by an inch of pea stone.

We will let them settle in for a couple of days before making the first radial cut on each whip.

I forgot to snap a picture of the Thornless Raspberry canes I will do that when it stops raining.


March 31st

Transplanted  this morning into solo cups
 6 -Romas
 6 -Rutgers
 6 -Mortgage Lifter
 5 -Ugli (These seeds were given to me from Mario and Colleen G.)
 2 -Grape





Special thanks to our friend Steve G. for sharing some of his pepper seeds with us.

Big Jim Chili

Habanada ( The flavor of Jalapenos with out the heat)

Hungarian Wax ( Mild when yellow when it turns red it turns up the heat)



March 18th


 Normally I would of moved the Broccoli seedling to the HT this week but that was not possible because as you all remember:

When the storm was wrung out the "weather guessers" say we got 42".
The wind was blowing the powdery snow around it was impossible for me to get an exact measurement. My guess would be closer to 36"
so until our temps outside get above freezing and do not drop below 30 at night  I cannot safely  move them out to the Greenhouse. 

Seedling Rack:

Tomato, Eggplant and Peppers:
They need to be transplanted into the solo cups but until the Cole crops are off the rack and out to the greenhouse they will have to stay put.

Cole Seedlings:


 Second Blooming of the Lion Red Amaryllis:


The Key Lime is starting to flower:

Out in the greenhouse the garlic is not bothered by the cold:



February 24th:

The Peppers Eggplant and Tomato seeds have started to germinated:

COLE plants: Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are growing fast now.

I am going to try transplanting beet starts this year: We shall see how it goes.

February 21st :

Started making bread this winter:




This Christmas Cactus has been blooming non stop since Halloween



We have gotten good melt in the last few days reaching the 40's with lots of sunshine to warm the greenhouse.
The driveway is almost visible.

Meanwhile inside under the grow lights the seedlings are going strong.

The lettuce is growing SO FAST I have starting harvesting the outer leaves  for salad. Works for us!



February 13th:

Lettuce :

Cole plants:

 I just reseeded the tray for the 3rd time.

 I am using up some very old seeds (dated 2008)  so my germination rate is not very good but will be good enough for this year.

 I will buy new when they go on sale.







January 26th:

UPDATE: COLE seedlings are up

LETTUCE seedlings:


 January 15th:

Tray #2
12... DiCicco Broccoli
6.... Arcadia Broccoli
6.... Blend Broccoli

6.... Red Cabbage
6.... Early Thunder Cabbage

Tray #3
12.... Snowball Cauliflower
6....Tom Thumb head lettuce
6....Great Lakes head lettuce
12....Igloo head lettuce

Also on the seedling rack is:
 Thai Chili I pulled from  one of the beds in the HT last fall and stuck it in a pot. I will replant it in the HT when it warms up enough and see if it sends out new flowers.

2-  Red-Lion-Amaryllis that are just starting to awaken


January 12th


It is that time of year:
I brought the Pro-mix in to thaw for a few days. 

While it warmed up I organized my early seeds:

 I scattered seeded a half tray for each:( These onions are new to me so we will see how it goes)
Tray #1
1/2 tray....Ruby Ring Red onions
1/2 tray....Sweet Spanish onions




January 5th:

We  placed our order with STARK BROTHERS for our fruit trees.

This will be our last try to increase our orchard. Between the deer chewing the tasty young buds and  rubbing the velvet off their antlers they have killed all of our saplings trees TWICE.

 This time the trees are going in pots for the first few years and they will winter in the high tunnel until they are not so young and tasty. Or at least that is my thinking.

We ordered:

Pink Lady 
Granny Smith 


Bartlett Pear Standard 
Starking Delicious


Starkrimson Sweet Cherry 
Starling Hardy Giant Antique Sweet Cherry 


Big Blue Plum
Stanley Prune-Plum 


Fingerlakes Super Hardy


 2... Joan J Primocane  Thornless Red 

We will be planting in 
22 gallon 1/2 barrel type pots 
25 gallon grow bags 

A 5-Pack of the 25 Gallon Grow Bags /Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles (Black) was $24.95.