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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, 

and to the Republic for which it stands, 

one Nation under God, 

indivisible, with liberty and justice for all


December 28th



I started some lettuce using the Kratky method of hydroponics

October 31st

Happy Halloween! 


This years theme was:





The Gator set up!

There was  a Dragon.




For treats :

I had Chinese yoyos and Breast Cancer awareness folding fans. 

Halloween themed fortune cookies

I baked a Hubbard squash and an Apple pie

and I had fresh  Cider for everyone.


Ready to go!

Sept 2nd

Labor Day :a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people. 

We worked each day of the weekend. The only part that I don't like about traveling on a holiday weekend is the self centered, self important,  texting idiots on the Northway. 

Wouldn't you think that on a holiday when it is know that more accidents happen people would put their phones down and  for just those 3 days pay attention to their driving..

 I counted 45 drivers texting or talking on their phones from the  Route 20 entrance to Exit 8A and back on Monday..

Saturday we met with a customer and replaced a transformer on their lighting package.

Sunday straightened up the shop so Tuesday Jim can start on the next project.

 Monday we made a delivery so Mark can install it first thing Tuesday morning..

Since Jim is dealing with some pulled muscles in his  back he got while doing the ladder work painting the Tractor Shed last week, we relaxed for a few hours in the afternoon and like every Monday for that past 14 years our  friend Vic joined us for dinner. 

August 28th

The Tractor shed was finished, It took us 3 days to do 2 coats .

Jim is feeling beat up but I was energized and  after washing my bike and doing a serious cleaning of my chain I  got out for a short but fun scoot .around the mountain,

 I had Jim take this picture because it isn't often  both my bike and my gear are clean. at the same time.


 The sky was overcast and I got only as far as Middleburg when it started to sprinkle. .I could see lighting and hear thunder booming  so I reversed direction and avoided getting soaked.

 As I said a short scoot.... 54 miles.




June 23rd

 It was a long night I stayed with my little Luna as she took her final breaths. I am glad I was there to help her pass over. Jim and I buried ("Little Rat Bas*ard" as Jim would refer to her as) next to Maggie. 

I have had several cats in my life but only one that I felt truly needed me and that was Luna. From the moment she came running down the driveway from the barn where she was born and got right up into my lap. 

We connected right away and she came home with me. 

Whenever I sat for more than a few minutes she was there reaching her paw out to touch me a little meow and up on to my lap. I will miss her more than I can express. She was an ambassador to people that were not really keen on cats reaching out her paw to gently touch all that entered or left our home as she sat on her perch by the sunroom door. 




October 1999 -June 23 2014



April 28th

  I'm pretty sure we will be behind the 8 ball the rest of the year (The shop is doing very well) so what to do when you see no breaks in the future? Assert the only real power as a business owner we have. Take the afternoon off.

 Jim and I made a trip to Ronnie's Motor Sport to get the bikes inspected and then off to burn up some gas. It wasn't long enough ( It never is) but at least we got out to blow off the cobwebs and enjoyed a sunny afternoon with temperatures in the low 60's.


April 8th

WOW I am so far behind on updating this I am not sure where to start.

Our purchase of the tractor worked out very well this winter ridding us of the big snows of this winter. This is the first winter we have been to the wire on making schedule. I thank our wonderful customers for understanding what a difficult winter we all endured.

 A few didn't seem to realize that time is added to a project for unforeseen problems. I am not making excuses here just stating facts because we did make every promissory date.

But for the future I want our new customers to be aware that factors out of our control do play a part in getting a project done on time.

#1.. When we get a big storm it takes 6-8 hours to clear our driveways.   

 #2.. We live in a very rural area and power outages happen from time to time. This winter we only had 2.

#3...Sometimes products are back ordered and we have to wait for our distributor to receive them before we can get them into production in the shop.

#4.. When the temperatures outside hover around zero or below for several days which they did several times over this winter. It takes time to get the paint booth up to a decent temperature to spray. We use a waterborne and in order for the paint  to "flow and settle" it needs to be warm. Our main source of  heat is wood and we burn it around the clock. using propane and oil heat to boost the temperature when getting ready to paint. Using all of these still takes several hours to reach the optimum temperature. the shop even though well insulated was hard pressed to get over 64 degrees during these stretches of minus zero temperatures.

#5... Each customer wants to be the most important one on our schedule and you are but please do not ask us to put your project ahead of someone else's. It is not a fair request.


So from this point on when I say it takes about 3 months from signed contract that is an approximate time frame. And during the winter lets figure on 4 months so you are not ever disappointed.


A few photos of winter here:

 All in all we have between driveways parking areas and walkways 1/8 of a mile plus of snow removal to address each time we have a storm.

Walkway to the shop from the house


The deck is next and the walkway to the Tractor Shed:


From the deck to the ground is 7 ft.



Jim pulling out of the tractor shed to start snowplowing


The Driveway from the house:( you can just see the edge of the tractor shed in the background)

Punching through at the road.

Standing on the deck looking toward the high tunnel:

Still to clear "Case Road" our driveway to the high tunnel and both sides of the greenhouse need to be done.


Here is a video of the tractor doing it's job.



Spring is finally here 


To be continued






January 11th

I learned a new term this winter "The Artic Vortex" , One I would like to forget or at least not have revisit us anytime soon. 

I snapped this photo because it looks like what I envision the surface of the moon would be like.


Today is supposed to reach 50 degrees.

We are behind ( our self imposed) schedule in the shop  Our supplier did not have one of the board thickness we use in stock causing a 3 week delay for start up of a few of our newest projects. We will try and make up the time by working longer hours. It is going to be close trying to make the estimated delivery dates.

While we were waiting on materials Jim build me a pot rack for the kitchen.