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Those of you not familiar with the term.

A Blog is a weB LOG. A journal or open diary

  A page where we will share our thoughts, new ideas, frustrations and information with you.

 A personal view of us & our business


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October 31st

Happy Halloween

Not frost on the pumpkins there was deep white stuff in the yard .

 Maggie and Fergus enjoy a run through the snow on our morning walk.

Maggie watches as I get the final touches on the Gator

Our theme this year was " Dr Suess"
This will be mostly pictures because to quote the brilliant man
"So the writer who breeds more words than he needs,
is making a chore for the reader who reads"



Goodies include:
Apple pie
Hubbard squash pie
2 gallons of Orange dreams
Amstel light
Apple Cider
Breast Cancer awareness Bears.
 Dr Suess Books and candy
for the children
"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way."

1st stop is always to drop the pies off at "Da Mayors" home.


 then up to the farm to visit with Midge and Carl. 


Midge crocheted a Mouse hat and even added a pink belly to her costume.


Carl enjoying an Orange Dream and checking out the Gator Display

Next Stop was Bill's He was not home We would catch up with him later at the "Da Mayor's " home later on.

He had some great pumpkins  come out of his pumpkin patch this year.

More to come........

Today is October 16th

September flew by while we struggled to clean up the damage from Irene and Lee. We needed to hire a tree surgeon to take down a couple of very tall trees that were leaning after the storms and now a potential hazard to the shop.



We called Jason Owner/operator of All American Tree Service. He arrived Friday just after lunch.


He made quick work of lowering down the branches. so Jim and I could haul them away.


 followed by the main trunk. 




Our next project  in the next week is to move as much dirt and rock away from the stumps so that Jason can grind them. down below ground level.



Today is August 31

Hurricane Irene tore through here  leaving  us without power on Sunday a few minutes after 9Am. until this morning.

the rain started around 10Pm Saturday night and By Mid morning Sunday 12 Aspen trees had uprooted and  come crashing down ,,

This is what our side yard looked like pre Irene.

During Irene. 

We  checked on the shop around noon time to find The rain had breached  the furnace Room and was slowly seeping into the Paint booth and drying Rooms damaging the Laminate flooring.. 

the cabinets were fine. we had pushed them into the main section of the shop to keep them high and dry. On Saturday Night

At around 3:30PM we threw on our raincoats and went for a walk to see what things looked like.

The pond was over 3 feet outside its banks.


This is the exit or overflow of the pond.

Our neighbors home was an island The water in his driveway was at least  8" deep.

The Wolf creek was  about a foot over the road and running fast enough we did not dare to try and cross over.

Down Stream

Up Stream

 a little before sundown The winds came in.

  It reminded me of the fury of  a Northeaster.. At times it Sounded like a freight train coming through. 

Monday The sun came out and we walked around to access the damage.

Post Irene.

 All the corn was knocked to the ground.

What a mess. 

 Several of these trees are in excess of 50 feet tall.

Our Service road to the orchard was  cut off by this Aspen Tree

 looking on the bright side Once we have cleaned up around here We will have a big  start on next year's firewood.

On my walk this morning I snapped This shot along the Wolf Creek. .It is well within it's banks but still running fast and muddy.


Since we were without power during the storm and several days after I am just catching up on what was happening in and around our community and realizing how lucky we were. 


Today is the July 1st

The Tom Cat had been neglected for years  Jim thought he would work on it over the winter in an attempt to restore it. 

With no promises of being able to save it .he removed all the rotted wood. everything except the seats would need replacing.


He ripped strips of redwood and applied 12 thin strips around the perimeter of the fiberglass.

. the seats where salvageable but one of them  needed to be glued back together

A quick sanding  confirmed the seats could be brought back


Once the wooden wraps were done it was up to me to paint it.

Started with the outside. 

I choose Rust-Oleum TOPSIDE  brilliant Gloss White...


and  Rust-Oleum Oyster White for the inside of the boat.

And  7 coats of Spar Varnish on the redwood and teak seats 

I gave the little sailboat (that has been in our family for many years) a new name in honor of  Bob & Catherine ( my Mom and Dad )

It is now called 



our pond is not big enough to sail on. but it is fun to paddle around and watch the fish as they follow the boat.

The maiden paddle around the pond 

A very special Thanks to my husband for all his hard work in  restoring the BobCat. 

Today is March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day



A day of fun visiting with the neighbors. Warm enough to spend the day outside,

Some of our neighbors could not join us in a day of sunshine and laughter  For those neighbors we left a pot of gold on their doorstep.