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I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, 

and to the Republic for which it stands, 

one Nation under God, 

indivisible, with liberty and justice for all




Today is December 3rd 2009

Log entry #43


While it looked like the rest of the country was in a deep freeze here in upstate NY we had a pretty nice day.
Jim and I said the heck with work. It will be there when we get back and saddled up for a 3 hour tour 

Jim took the lead and I tagged along.

This old barn is one of my favorites. I really like the wooden silos. I wish I still had a picture before the roofs rotted.


Our travels led us to Thatcher Park and the overlook




It is hard to believe a short time ago The view was this.

and yesterday it looked like this Still beautiful. Put to bed for the winter

We enjoyed the view for far to long. The temperatures were dropping fast. My last photo of the day

Total distance: 79.5 (s)Miles


Today is November 1st

Log Entry #42


First let me say Happy Birthday Kim ( She's my little sister)

 our theme for Halloween this year was Nursery Rhymes.
They said 50% change of rain starting around 3PM and lasting all night.

Jim give it some careful consideration & came up with a solution.. He is a genius.

He designed a canopy to keep me, Fluffy & whittie dry for the evenings festivities.

I always dress warm.  long johns, Capri length pants . wind breaker and a fleece vest under my costume. 

It makes for a rather bulky fit but I do not care I prefer to be warm while I search for my missing lambs.

 For those of you that don't recognize the flying ghosts in my display.

Grab some popcorn  and enjoy the show. 

A close up of my sign


What is a sheep herder without a herding dog.

 Fergus takes the job.

My good friend and neighbor and I sang and danced to

Hey Diddle Diddle


and the dish ran away with the spoon  
We stop on the road to pick up parts from my canopy. A rogue gust of wind snapped the front stays loose.
 look who  was coming  down the road. 
It was Nichol and Declan.  She stopped to say hello and lend a hand picking up the pieces. They were .on their way to Gampy's house. .
We give Declan his goodie bag. and would meet up again with them later. on.
Our goodie bags this year consisted of 
a lamb shaped dark chocolate pop made by Candykraft
a blank Memo book signed by The Cat and the fiddle and Bo Peep
a Breast Cancer Awareness pen.
and a little Lamb.
we arrived at the Peterson Farm and Midge ran out wearing a wig and witches hat ( this was a first time  for her in over 73 years to dress up )
 She looks forward to our visit each Halloween and decided to join in on the foolishness.
We laughed & caught up on events around the farm.

all of a sudden another very strong gust came out of nowhere sucking the air right out of my lungs.

Notice the blurred hand on Midge's hat .That was my Neighbor. She  quickly grabbed a hold of it before it ended up in the next county.

The wind again blew so hard it popped The canopy out of its hold down position.
.This time the winds were here to stay.
I needed to head back.
It was a major struggle to get the mile back home .I thought at one point I was going to become airborne. 
the wind tried very hard to lift me off my seat as I hung on to the canopy.

 several times I stopped to put it back together. so we Bi- passed our normal stops.
Once the canopy was removed. 
 I was off again to meet up with. The cat and the fiddle..
 my sheep were shedding their fleece every time there was a gust. In fact this morning I saw some pieces stuck to the road and even some in the hedge row.
Then as quickly as the wind started, it stopped.. Once again it was dead calm..
As We enjoyed a visit with our neighbor Scott
( He share with us their wonderful news. that In March He & Tara were expecting their first child.  a "Little boy" I am very happy for them) 

Sorry No pictures at Scott home 
As we talked I started to feel drops of rain 
You know the kind..     ...Big fat rain drops. 
 Scott invited us in to the garage to wait it out but by the time we secured our cameras and flipped up our seats we were already soaked
 we would continue our trek., nothing would dampen our spirits.

NOW that  canopy would have been perfect.  there was absolutely no wind 

No pictures till we reached "Da Mayor's House"
 I had my camera in a zip lock bag to keep it dry.
We did stop and hand out all of our goodie bags with the neighbors. 
Most stops were short and not everyone was home.  not to get to see everyone. was a disappointment, but we left a bag on their door step so they knew we had been by.
Our longest visit was with Bonnie. Her Momma now has  a bit of dementia and didn't know who we were but after awhile she recognized us as neighbors and that  I was Bo Peep. 
We gabbed for nearly an hour
Here is a picture from a few years back.
Our final stop is always at "Da Mayor of White RD" home .
there was (as always) wonderful food & laughter.
 We enjoyed spending some time with our neighbors before the winds of winter send us all into hibernation.
Some children were happy to see us .Or at least curious about us. 
The Twins Aren't they adorable

Hey look a Bumble bee.... I was one of those last year. 

 even with all those little challenges thrown at us we had

Another great time filled with wonderful memories with my friend/and partner in foolishness 

Thank you Gay 

Today is September 29th 

Log Entry #41


We decided it time to update the shop and since we had a little extra time we torn the shop apart and made room for our new sliding table saw

This is was our shop


and here it is today 




Today is September 27th

log entry #40


Saturday we had and appointment to meet with Ben & Linda.

we had built the TV cabinet in the picture above the fireplace a few years ago and they had a new project in mind for us.

Ben warned me that he would be getting ready for an event he was participating in but, would be happy to go over his ideas in the morning. 

we had to laugh. It was so hard to try and be serious and talk business with a clown named Doctor Laughter

his friend arrived later to make thing even funnier.


their mode of transportation was a tandem bike 

off they go to participate in a "runorwalk to help dyslexic children". 

Thank you Ben by bringing the world a little laughter you have made it a better place.



Today is August 4th

Log entry #39co

As some of you know I am a moderator on a riding forum  twowheelfemales.com

As part of my involvement Jim and I have opened our home to fellow riders. 

I have talked with  this "invisible friend" for over 4 years..

 She has been planning a trip to cover the continental us  and she finally got all of her ducks in a row and is in the process of doing it now.

I took a day off (Thanks to Jim he worked extra long hours in the shop to make this possible ) 

 Keshau & I rode up to blue mountain lake. via Rt 30N and then to mix it up a little on the way home via rt 8 to RT 10 

 Great roads for motorcycles. Heading north on 30 large sweepers very relaxing  coming south a little more technical and lot of fun.

 heading out


I had the lead.

 Keshau took this of me and proof there was NO traffic at all. We picked the perfect day for our ride

 stopped for lunch  at Mountain Memories in Wells


We always on the lookout for moose or other animals crossing the road



The "High Peaks" consist of forty-six of the tallest mountains all over 4,000 ft, Mount Marcy is the highest at 5344 ft (1629 m), 

We covered a little over 200 (s)miles for the day


Today is July 22nd

Log Entry #38

Our Anniversary was last week so we decided to celebrate by shutting down the shop going for a ride.

It has been a long time since we've had a day that wasn't like this

or Here is the creek in the village. It normally flows "UNDER" the road 

We prayed to the MOTO GODS for a nice day on  Sunday (7/12) and our prayers were answered.

The sky looked like this 

We had made ourselves a little something to mark our anniversary.

No more racing around looking for things. everything is on the rack 

I mapped out a loop and We did all of our bike prep Saturday night. so we could gear up and hit the road early Sunday Morning

I packed a cooler  and we were headed down the driveway .by 8AM. 

Our first stop was in Schoharie to visit the Railroad Museum.

It was not open yet and we were not going to wait so off we went heading south towards Middleburg

This is a postcard of Vromans Nose  not my picture 

Why you ask?. 

Because we didn't stop. 


During prohibition It was a gathering place for locals to drink & dance.

 At the top there is a flat rock ledge that was used as the dance floor.  

We snaked our way to Mineral Springs Road and out to Route #7. 

I had the lead because the GPS fogged up in an attempt  to ruin our day but we were not to be taken down off of our cloud.

  I would do the run by memory  ( That was a scary thought)

On Rt #7 we found lots of long sweepers & small villages as we cut through the edge of the Catskill mountains.

since the building of I-88 Traffic was just about non existent.

 Lucky us no one in front of us and rarely anyone following us the entire day. A truly enjoyable ride  we passed several motorcycles coming east out enjoying the day also. 

We entered The southern tip of Leather stocking country and the home of the great Iroquois nation.

Nestled in the foothills of the Catskill's we passed through the little village of Schenevus .NY

Schevevus is also the home of a Herschell-Spillman Carousel Once again  we did not get to see it but that was OK.. Our day was all about the ride not the stops

We turned North at Cooperstown Junction.

 and Stopped to stretch our legs

 spotted this sign

and this train with it's own little track in that guys side yard. Kind of cool.

We continued to travel  north. 

and we  had made the right choice.

 If we had reversed the trip Heading south we would not have been fortunate to be seeing. these views. They were awesome,

At one point we pulled down a side road to stretch our legs again.
Can you see the two streams merging into one? The color difference should give you a hint. It is not a shadow but the different waters coming together

Jim's contribution

 Our trip took us down  Miles of well maintained roads with glorious clouds above.

We finally reach Canandargo Lake


The lake was formed during the glacial period , approximately 5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. The surface area is 1,900 acres, with a maximum depth is 43 ft.
Ocquionis Creek feeds into the lake from the north. and Oaks Creek drains from the south through a bog, ultimately flowing into the Susquehanna River

gas up in the village of Exeter then continued north following the lake to Richfield Springs.

Crossing over RT #20 we had one more stop on our itinerary for the day it was a Russian Monastery called The Holy Trinity Monastery We were told the buildings were worth the visit. and they were beautiful

The first thing we see after we park the bike is this sign I guess I am not going to get inside.

Monkey liked the idea of being a MONK-key on the gate. Monkey always rides Pillon with me. 

We wander a little outside and  in the parking lot had a bottle of water and a bite to eat..

Now  it was time to head towards home.

Arrived home with  huge smiles on our faces . 
It was a great day

That evening it turned cold enough that after dinner we started a fire, popped some popcorn curled up on the sofa with a bottle of champagne and watched  Moulin Rouge.

Temps: mid 70's & breezy
Distance: 174.7 miles

Today is June 21st

Log Entry #37


Happy Father's Day 


Yesterday we took some time off and rode out to celebrate my Great Nephew's 2nd birthday.

I will let the pictures tell the story

We found Matthew playing in the sandbox 


He wanted to show us his new slide

This is the view from the deck

Time for Cake


and presents

 our special gift to him 

He was very interested in it 

He sees that  "Tigger" was hiding in his new toy box

Happy Birthday Matthew




Today is May 21st 2009

Log Entry #36




With his signature rocker 

Sam Maloof, a self taught designer & woodworker( as he preferred to be called once said "Woodworker"  is an honorable word)  has died. He was 93.

His furniture was initially prized for its simplicity in the 1950s.. Later his pieces  were  valued for its beauty by collectors, museum curators & U.S. presidents,

A benefactor of young woodworkers . He loved working with wood, meeting people and teaching his craft to others.

Jim has admired this man for many decades & unfortunately he never had an opportunity to meet him.