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 Today is November 2nd 2007

Log Entry #28

Halloween was a blast this year our theme was


My neighbor & I love Halloween Our husbands think we are out of our minds.
Our routine is to treat or treat to all (5) houses on our short little dead end road. There are no children here so we bring some sort of creative alcoholic beverage to share with everyone.
The first thing we do is place a lit carved pumpkin at the mailbox...then give them our gift bags which consists of a silly toy, a candle some candy and sometimes homemade relish or pickles. and then hit them up for treats. They must give us treats or else 
Via our gators we then travel up to the Peterson Farm (about 1 mile) where the migrant workers children look forward to our arrival. They are the receiver of all the treats we gathered from our road.
We stay for a glass of cider they laugh at our silly costumes we give them a ride in the gators and then we head back towards home.
Our night out would not be complete without a stop at the "Mayor of White Road's house. His name is Richie is a 67 year old man that has keep records of everything about White Road since he was a kid. .He lives in the same house his great grandparents built.
Everyone is invited to his home Halloween night for a huge buffet. It is a banquet of fall harvest, He cooks everything from eggplant parm, pickled beets, baked butternut squash to homemade apple pies, herb breads to baked pumpkin seeds .If is comes from his garden he will make something special for Halloween.



Today is October 1,2th

Log Entry #27

Today was  dedicated to our metal health. Jim rode the Suzuki and I on was on the Ninja. We left mid morning & returned at dinner time. On our Way home we  Stopped in to see Jim's Mom She took us out to the overlook at the camp. it was a beautiful. view.

 Camp Pinnacle  at the Overlook

Helderburg Mountains looking towards Pinnacle

Today is September 15th 2007

Log Entry #26

The reason I have been slow in updating this page is due to issues with my connection to the site (excuse # 101)

We have been extremely busy working on designing several new projects for customers.

WE are also trying to keep plugging away at our kitchen.. The New cabinets are done  the paint is curing in the shop. We bought the hardwood for the floor  and  The old  kitchen is torn out for the most part.  We removed the old soffit gaining the extra height in the cabinets.. I have my sink & dishwasher still hooked up. the stove is on a movers Dolly to roll it out of the way when working and back to it's outlet when I need it. Thankfully I use the grill outside for  most of my cooking.

We are rewired & ready for sheetrock... Jack ( our rocker) should be here on Monday to look it over ..and give us a date he can schedule us in.

Yesterday we were bitten by a bug that affects many motorcyclists. it is called MMS ( Multiple Motorcycle Syndrome) Yes We purchased another bike. Bought it in morning  registered it in the afternoon  and Jim put 115 miles on. He came home with a big  smile. Let me introduce you to our latest addition to the "Bat Cave"

2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650

 Unfortunately the weather is nasty this morning (rainy and cold). So we are going to work in the shop & hope the weather clears up so we  get out on the bikes later on this afternoon.





Today is July 18th 2007

Log Entry #25



Today is June 28th 2007

Log Entry #24

No time to write now



Today is June 19th 2007

log entry #24

I have just become a Great Aunt. Let me introduce you to


Born 06/17/07


Today is June 7th 2007

Log Entry #23

May slipped by with out an entry.

Let me bring you up to speed.

We have made many upgrades to the shop while still keeping up with production. Below are a few pictures of what we have been working. 

Take a few minutes and Visit our Shop Shots page


Today is April 28th 2007

Log Entry #22

National Female Ride Day
New event highlights women riders

 Get ready to ride on Friday, May 4, for the first "National Female Ride Day." Women are being asked to get on their bikes and "just ride," whether you have a sport bike, cruiser, scooter, dual purpose, street, off-road or dirt bike.

The goal of National Female Ride Day is to highlight the many women currently active in motorcycling and heighten awareness of female riders.

According to campaign organizer, Vicki Gray, of Toronto, Canada, another goal of the event is to inspire and attract new riders to the sport.



I thought even though it is a Canadian event I would show my support by posting this and by riding a  couple of hours on May 4th  & I did



Today is March 2nd 2007

 Log Entry #21

This entry is a special thanks to a true "hardware man".

Every once and awhile we will be passing one of those big box stores, forgetting past experiences we decide to run in for one thing or another.. only to leave upset, disappointed and without our needed item.

trying to ask a question to an employee at Home depot or lowes  we find that in general they are bored and don't know a thing about the department they are assigned to work in.. We just love  when one of their employees that say & I quote

 "if you didn't see it on the shelf we don't have it"  (are they trained to say that?)

now on the other end of the spectrum is John.

John  manages Phillips Hardware in Guilderland center.. Over the years Jim & I have walked in with a handful of broken parts. John takes a look at the pile & heads down the aisles grabbing one of these 2 of those etc. He opens the packages up and dry fits them to show us how it all will go together. We leave there with everything we need to do the job including the gasket or washer I mean he thinks of everything. to complete the project .at times even remind us that we already have one thing or another from a package we bought for a previous project.

On the very rare occasion he doesn't have what we need his answer is and I quote

 "we can order it and I will have it by the end of the week"


That is something I do not have access to but call  company A b or C they will have it"  (and they do.)

 Thanks John It always a pleasure doing business with you


Today is February 9th 2007

20th long entry

Winter preparedness

A little late in the season to bring up but it is finally cold enough to talk about it  being prepared in case of a breakdown or accident in the cold. weather can make the difference and maybe save your life

You should dressed in layers. Even though it is warm inside your vehicle what if you had to walk.?  Have with you a heavy coat, hat, boots & gloves.  a bag left in the vehicle all winter that It should include:

a blanket

I  include an extra pair of wool socks


I  have  a coffee can with emergency candles & wooden matches also

one of those obnoxious horns they sell at the ballparks

(In case you were to be trapped they are very loud and might be heard)


A couple of bottles of water

nuts or granola bars

first aid kit

be sure your cell phone is charged up and have your DC charger with you

If you leave your vehicle leave a note on the windshield stating what direction you are walking in.


Today is January 6th 2007

19th log entry

 I got my Ninja started & went for My first ride of the 2007 season today!

In the meantime Jim stayed here & worked in the shop. He insisted I go without him. I guess he could see I needed a break from our demanding schedule.

 we set a new record high of 71 degrees.  which is like 40 degrees above normal 

 I got to be outside in the sun riding my bike and enjoyed a beautiful winters day.. I am refreshed & reenergized. I can not stop smiling

Happy New year everyone