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this page is where we will share our thoughts, new ideas, frustrations and information with you.

 A personal view of us & our business


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November 2nd


We ordered our fish from Mid-Atlantic fisheries. 

75 Yellow Perch 

2 - 5 lb bags  pounds bags of Fat Head Minnows

Floating the bags to acclimate the fish to the pond water temperature.


October 31st

Happy Halloween!


It starts in the shop where Jim takes my rough ideas and turns them into a reality. 

When designing and decorating we always have to consider weather and safety since I will be out on the main road for part of my loop.

Jim surprised me with this handsome dragon and he is no ordinary dragon he breaths fire. ( sort of) 

He also purchased this pin for me so I didn't have a repeat of the year I wore a parrot on my shoulder in 2006. it didn't really stay put so my little dragon I purchased road up front with me in my beverage cup instead of on my shoulder.




I baked an apple and a pumpkin pie for the party at Richie "Da Mayor's " house 


 Last night it was raining to hard. I was thankful it wasn't a cold rain because I was soaked through by the time I got home. 



As always I had a wonderful time visiting with the neighbors.



October 10th

We decided not to re roof the house this fall. Instead  Jim did a repair to hold us over until next spring.



Our main goal for the next month is to get firewood stacked and ready for winter.

We harvested the popcorn

Japanese Hulless:

And the most beautiful EATABLE corn I have ever grown 

Glass Gem. 

It can be popped or ground into flour and used like any flint style corn.

An Interesting history on these seeds:

  The origins and Journey of 'Carl's Glass Gems' Rainbow Corn






Sept 22nd 

We have been very busy the last few weeks. I have been canning to restock our pantry for the winter,



I still have to make a batch of  hot pepper sauce and  Hot pepper jelly 


We harvested apples 


and took 20 lbs and canned jars of apple sauce and apple pie filling.

The rest of the apples  will be stored in the walk in cooler.


September 7th

I apologize for now having very many  pictures of the leach line project. 

At the start  I disturbed a nest of ground bees AKA yellow jackets. It was not pretty. We guess - ti-mated  I was stung over 35 times. Fortunately I am not allergic but after taking a Benadryl I was asleep quickly and for several hours.


Our very good neighbor Mitch arrived on his "wife's" new JD tractor to help.

10 ft of schedule 40 from the tank to the distribution box

First of 3 lines

Laying stone in the start of the second line


Total cost for materials $ 684.00 

$ 334 for the pipe and supplies plus  $ 350 for the stone 

August 16th:


  The Next project: redo the leach lines for the Guest house.

You are looking at about 21 Ton  (16 yards) of #2 Stone.



Our September project: re-roof and start to stain the house:

Setting the Scaffolding planks 



August 10th:

"Nothing is Free"

We were gifted 2 year old appliances to use in our guest house:

Several weeks later and several hundred dollars later they are finally installed.

The start of the tear out.

The original work on the kitchen was horrendous.

 There was no way we could settle for what was there  so we removed the cabinets found the plywood on the floor was run in the wrong direction so by the time we stopped we were down to re-plumbing ( there were no shuts off nor was the drain line glued or supported,  the floor joist were  run hither dither, barely nailed and no blocking.  The sheetrock was moldy. That lead to  repairing the wall, painting the ceiling and the walls. Basically a complete rebuild of the room.



Walls and ceiling are painted.

Floor is done.

We decided to reuse the cabinets so we painted the Wall Cabinets and ........

Sanded and refinished the oak base cabinets. To give it a fresh look we painted the hinges flat black and installed black knobs



Here they are the "FREE" appliances 



July 8th

We decided to install a Shade cloth after last years heat completely halted our tomato production.

July 4th:

Grape Tomatoes:



Mortgage Lifters:

 Snowball Cauliflower:
 Second planting for the season and it is almost ready

Cabbages are ready:
Been making Cole Slaw and Smothered Cabbage I do plan on trying fermentation with a few heads. 

Eggplant: Only one survived but it looks like it is establishing itself

Sweet Red Peppers:

Anaheim peppers:

I planted Japanese Hulless and Gem Glass

 they are starting to tassel:

Cucumbers are taking off and are delicious:

And last but not least for all of you that  followed along for two years........ This self seeded from Frankenbeet .


First head lettuce of the season.

Peppers are finally starting to get a nice color of green although they are still small.

Wala Wala Onions:

Japanese Hulless Popcorn:

Glass Gem Popcorn:


Brandywine tomato:
It may not be very big but it is a beautiful sight to me.
It is the first time I have tried to grow Brandywine in the HT and I was very surprised that is it the first tomato of the season to arrive. 


 Reminds me of a Green rose bud ... Sort of 




June 5th:


I just had to post this:
I harvested the first cauliflower yesterday:

Is is a little hard to read it says 31.40 ozs


May 31st:

Window box theme this year Red White and Blue:



Starting to head up:

Almost ready to harvest:


Starting to climb:




Cabbage and one Broccoli (That was supposed to be all Broccoli)

Close up of that single Broccoli plant:

New bed of Broccoli:



May 9th:



Starting to swell:

Cabbage with one broccoli:

The CABBAGE that was supposed to be Broccoli inter-planted with Gumbo Onions:

RE-plant of Broccoli:



Red Leaf Lettuce:



April 24th:

Well apparently I got a seed package that was marked incorrectly. Or at least that is the only explanation I can come up with.

My broccoli survivors I am pretty sure are cabbage or perhaps cauliflower. Good thing we like them both because now I have double the amount I usually grow.


POTATOES: Planted in March

NOTE: The potatoes I planted last fall rotted in the ground so I have come to the conclusion we are too cold for doing it the way of the Irish. I think a warmer zone would have good luck by planting in the fall.



March 30th:

 So far I have planted Carrots, Gumbo onions sets, Bunching onions, Cilantro and Spinach.

Garlic is really growing fast.

Beet Transplants:
Will need a little time to adjust

Broccoli has adjusted to transplanting

Spring Red Lettuce 

The last of the Winter Red Lettuce

Mortgage Lifters:


March 18th:

Parsley had made a complete come back

Red leaf lettuce: 

 Broccoli harding off to be planted this week:

I am pretty sure a Frisee Lettuce plant can not just survive but thrive in some of the worst conditions. This one was transplanted into the low tunnel in late autumn.

Beets are ready to be transplanted:

A small Blackcap blackberry cutting I decided to try as a container plant last summer is starting to bud out in the HT.

Blackcap berry:



March 6th:

I finally pulled about 1/2 of the carrots. No sign of those hairy fine roots so the timing was good and I will not have to be in a big rush to pull the remainder.

After removing the tops we end up with 8 lbs to process.

MARCH 4th:

Update on the low tunnel:
It was a very bad winter in the low tunnel but we do have some forward progress happening now.

Close up just because it is a beautiful green 

Red Lettuce:

Parsley is bouncing back:


The last of the carrots:
We harvested all winter They were wonderful.

These will all be pulled today. With the sign of new growth on the top means they will start to get those hairy roots branching off the carrot and I find the natural sweetness will diminish.

Garlic is doing great:



BROCCOLI survivors:

The replanted  Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower







I totally screwed up and killed almost all of the seedlings except for these broccoli survivors.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO last week I replanted all of the previous seeds

..... And started pepper seeds.


January 15th

 It is hard to believe the time is here to start up some of my early crops.
 The last day of the Waxing Moon I planted the following:

Seedling rack:

 They are predicting "Harper" will bring us a little snow over the weekend ( we are in the 18" - 26" range), so it is a good thing my little seedling rack in in the house: